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In a sea of black and white shoes we are a vibrant and tropical wave of colourful footwear, here to bring that holiday feeling all year round!

🌴🌺 ☀️


You’ll always find us with a smile on our face and we don’t take life too seriously 


We’re happiest in the great outdoors and feel strongly about our brand giving back through sustainability and conservation efforts. 5% of our profits go to The Great Barrier Reef Campaign by the Australian Marine Conservation Society and all of our packaging is biodegradable


We make shoes that casually stand out from the crowd, full of colour and life 🌈


Our shoes are Vegan - But that doesn’t mean you can eat them 😉 As nature lovers we care about animal welfare, so you won’t find any animal products in our shoes, ever


Kinda what shoes are meant to be right? Except our’s are suuuuuper comfy


Living by the beach, we are as chilled and laid back as our shoes. We don’t like to sweat the small things


Fran and James are nomads at heart and when they moved to Australia they fell in love with the Sydney lifestyle. If they weren’t lapping up the beautiful sunshine on Bondi Beach you’d find them exploring the great outdoors, getting lost in a new part of the city or sipping a sundowner at one of their favourite hang outs. Fran, who has always been known for a love of vibrant colourful prints, wanted to bottle this Summer feeling up into a fun and casual pair of shoes which she hadn’t been able to find anywhere! And why Vegan you ask? Well quite simply, Fran is a straight up animal lover and has been a Vegan since she was five! Kudos to her. She’s still trying to persuade James, so far unsuccessfully. And this is how The Bondi Shoe Club was born.


The three lines in our logo represent the elements Earth, Air and Water and embody the beauty of nature in our brand. As nature lovers we care about our social and environmental responsibility so all of our packaging is biodegradable or compostable. We're also proud to have linked up with The Australian Marine Conservation Society and donate 5% of the profits from each pair of shoes to the Great Barrier Reef campaign to help protect and preserve our beautiful and vitally important reef.


Our debut Tropical Collection is designed to make your feet look as good as they feel. The Collection, a tropical Australian twist on the classic espadrille, consists of six gorgeous patterns that will add a fun and playful pop of colour to any outfit. Each pair has been carefully designed with comfort in mind to take you from day to night and beach to city while being perfectly transeasonal so you feel like you’re on holiday all year round.


Everyday's a Summer holiday with The Bondi Shoe Club 🌴🌺 ☀️